Fine Living: How To Find A Trophy Wife

From fancy cars to gigantic mansions, billionaires seem to have it all. There seems to be another advantage of being rich , too: These billionaires can provide for just about anyone. Is it for love or money? We may never know for sure when it comes to some of these marriages. Either way, here are photos of the beautiful trophy wives often seen with the richest men in the world including a very familiar face on page 9. Suzanne Ircha was attracted to this older, but very rich, man.

Premier League Trophy Hunters: The Women Who Would Be WAGs

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Here’s some bad news for men with highly successful careers and fat wallets: You probably will not end up with a “trophy wife,” a new study suggests. When researchers compared qualities such as level of attractiveness and socioeconomic status within couples, they found almost no evidence of the trophy wife stereotype , which suggests attractive, young women tend to marry rich and successful men. Instead, couples are far more likely to end up together because they share similar traits.

For example, attractive, wealthy or highly educated people are more likely to choose a partner with the same qualities. The same is true for less attractive, low-earning or less educated people. Trophy wife marriages still happen, but not nearly as often as expected, the study revealed.

Some ‘trophy wives’ agree to a no-children provision

Trophy wives and the men that seek them are not particularly beloved by society. The women who strive for the title are considered without substance, in possession of only good looks that have a limited shelf life. The men who strive to have them aren’t judged much more kindly, due to their shallow desires and presumed tendency to then “trade in” these women for “younger models” — you know, like cars or cattle put to slaughter.

Johnson [dating cosmetics heir Leonard Lauder] and Tamiko Bolton [who married billionaire financier George Soros in the Hamptons last.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. He was handsome, athletic and successful, a Wall Street headhunter who lived in a garden apartment on Gramercy Park. At 50, Gundersen, a divorced father of three, wanted to remarry, but there was a catch: He didn’t want more children.

I had been there and was happy to have my own life back. When he met Lorraine White, who was a decade younger, Gundersen laid out the negotiables and the nonnegotiables. Before marrying two years ago, she agreed not to start a second family. A great relationship or a child?

Trophy Wife

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The term “trophy wife” has taken on a new, more upscale meaning. Men are finding the most attractive and sexually desirable women are not.

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Most people are familiar with the “trophy wife” stereotype that attractive women marry rich men, placing little importance on their other traits, including physical appearance, and that men look for pretty wives but don’t care about their education or earnings. New research, however, by University of Notre Dame Sociologist Elizabeth McClintock, shows the trophy wife stereotype is largely a myth fueled by selective observation that reinforces sexist stereotypes and trivializes women’s careers.

Using, for the first time, a nationally representative sample of young couples in which both partners were interviewed and rated for physical attractiveness, McClintock was able to control for matching on attractiveness.

At the World Cup in Germany, the wives and girlfriends of the England team on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and dating sites to be successful at the art.

Shankar Vedantam. The idea of a “trophy wife” is common in popular culture: Attractive young women trade beauty for status by “marrying up” and finding wealthy husbands. Let’s explore a pejorative phrase – trophy wife. That’s the phrase that is used sometimes when a rich, older man marries a much poorer but attractive woman. As part of our series on The Changing Lives of Women, NPR’s social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam has come across some research asking how often the trophy wife phenomenon really happens.

Shankar, welcome back to the program. This clearly does happen.

Age disparity in sexual relationships

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The idea of a “trophy wife” is common in popular culture: Attractive young in dating relationships, cohabiting relationships, marriage relationships. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for.

By Jane Ridley. What should have been a pleasant experience — celebrating a new business deal with an extravagant shopping trip — was cut short as the couple swept out of the Fifth Avenue store and into their car. Now 43 and happily married to her second husband, Charles Nicolai, a successful chiropractor with a practice on Wall Street, the former Elite Model Management pinup claims she is often dismissed as a parasite cashing in on her looks.

Designer labels, bespoke beauty treatments and extravagant holidays are still part of the package — but so are advanced degrees and business start-ups. In January , she quit her top marketing job to become a writer and homemaker. It was a move that raised eyebrows among friends — especially since she and her husband who asked to remain anonymous in The Post for professional reasons have decided to not have children. I have to be able to socialize and work with my husband in furthering his career by being charming and personable.

Another consideration is looking the part.

Trophy Wives

This article is from the archive of our partner. Apparently it’s tougher now, than any point in history, to marry an old rich dude for his money. Trophy wives reportedly now have to have start-ups and multiple degrees to make them more desirable to the crotchety old dudes who want to marry them. While Kate, the fictional character in the show, is the more conventional California version of a “trophy wife” — blond, tan and a party girl — the real-life equivalent here on the East Coast is more sophisticated.

Designer labels, bespoke beauty treatments and extravagant holidays are still part of the package — but so are advanced degrees and business start-ups.

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Please refresh the page and retry. My ex-wife and I had a reasonably amicable divorce 11 years ago. Well, I say that. It started with me not wanting to disturb her when I came home from work late. Somehow it became a permanent state. I still like her, but we drifted.

These Billionaires Have Stunning Trophy Wives, and These Photos Prove It

Phone it the Woody Allen Impact. If the director that is venerable left Mia Farrow on her behalf used child, Southern Korean-born Soon-Yi Previn — 35 years their junior — he might because well have actually delivered a news release: Asian-girl fantasy trumps that of Hollywood royalty! Maybe maybe maybe Not 2 yrs when they tied the knot, media baron Rupert Murdoch moved along the aisle with fresh-faced Wendi Deng — 17 days after finalizing their divorce or separation from their second wife.

It is unsavory to imagine therefore.

The term “trophy wife” is often used in a derogatory sense to describe any There are hundreds of online dating sites out there that cater to people who are.

They say the third time’s the charm, and reformed party girl Kate is hoping that’s true when she becomes the third wife of a slightly older man, Pete. They fell into each others’ arms literally at a karaoke bar, and flash forward a year later, Kate finds herself with an instafamily complete with three stepchildren and two ex-wives. But Kate is determined to make this work and become a part of the family no matter what. S1 E1 – Pilot. Kate finds herself married with an instant family.

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The New Trophy Wife

At the World Cup in Germany, the wives and girlfriends of the England team descended on provincial Baden-Baden for a few weeks. The term “WAG” was coined. You’ll find it in the Collins English Dictionary , defined as “the wife or girlfriend of a famous sportsman.

I have a friend who thinks he married a trophy wife. He is 64 and she is He is shy around women and had not dated in a decade. She has notably extremely.

How could we not? Or they end up jaded — and single — like me. I was 22 when I met a billionaire bachelor twice my age at a charity event. After a few flirty phone calls, I wanted to know everything about the billionaire. So of course, I started Googling. I thought I had a pretty good idea about his character from interviews and TV appearances. He came off as humble and down to earth.

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